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GenEdge Consulting™ empowers marketing organizations to gain a competitive edge through generative AI. We offer a range of services to help marketing teams maximize the benefits of generative AI.

Why GenEdge Consulting?

GenEdge was founded by Natalie Lambert, an experienced marketing executive who recognized the potential of generative AI to transform the marketing industry. Working at Google, Natalie had the opportunity to run AI pilots across the organization to find the best use cases, tools, and practices to supercharge marketing teams. Natalie now enables businesses to enhance their teams with the latest tools and practices, drawing on her extensive implementation of generative AI strategies across companies of all sizes.

How I help clients

Marketing training

Do you want to accelerate your team's use of GenAI to maximize their impact? I run workshops that highlight the best use cases for GenAI, leading solutions, and give your team experience with prompting best practices.

Custom projects

Do you want to dive into your marketing strategy to understand how to get the most from GenAI? I work with your team to understand your unique use cases and find the best solutions to accomplish your goals.

Speaking engagements

Do you have an upcoming event where you need an expert speaker to help amplify your story? I am an experienced speaker that delivers industry keynotes, event sessions, and webinars to give credibility to point of view.

Investor advisory

Are you investing in AI and need to further understand marketing use cases and technology differentiation? I work with businesses to find AI solutions for their needs, giving me unparalleled knowledge about market requirements.

Fractional CMO

Do you need a marketing executive but are not ready to hire a full-time CMO? I will partner with you to build your marketing strategy, hire your team, and manage your marketing team and agencies until you are ready.

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"I mistakenly dismissed generative AI technologies as hype. In hindsight, I just didn't know where and how to get started. Natalie at GenEdge provided a succinct overview of how GenAI applies to Marketing. In two hours she reshaped how I will design and build the Marketing org at Coder. She demonstrated — literally — the tools that will make our team much more productive and avoid unnecessary content generation hires, freeing up spend to dedicate to more marketing programs."

Rob Whiteley, CEO of Coder

"Natalie led my team's AI for marketers education in which she combined pragmatic use cases, hands-on experimentation, and inspirational content to chart a new path for marketing of the future. Engage her for your organization to help you lead your team into a new, inspired, and productive future."

Katharyn White, Director of Public Sector Marketing at Google Cloud

"Prior to meeting Natalie from GenEdge, my team was overwhelmed by GenAI—some folks questioned its impact on our roles. From crafting prompts to streamlining workflows, we didn’t know how to get started. Natalie’s training showed us how to curate effective prompts, how to utilize tools for desired skills like video and social, and how GenAI can optimize our workflows freeing us from the constraints of rigid timelines and the need to rely heavily on external agencies. Natalie's insights redefined GenAI for me and the team—it's now our professional ally, not a replacement."

Katherine Bagood, Head of Marketing at Coder

"This was THE BEST piece of use case-specific AI-relevant education I've received this year. Thank you so much Natalie, I've taken notes, and am fully motivated to get this stuff working for us in APAC. Really, it was an incredibly valuable use of time and I'm grateful for your insights!!"

Workshop attendee, security technology company

"In a space that is evolving as quickly as the GenAI space is, it is impressive the depth and breadth of knowledge that Natalie has on AI tools and how they can enable teams to work smarter and faster. She is an expert!"

Karen Fiester, Global Head of Scale, Strategy, and Operations at Google for Startups

“Natalie is a standout AI marketing expert. At our PlayPlay Content Summit, she delivered a keynote on ‘Crafting the Future of Marketing & Comms with AI’. Working with her was seamless from start to finish, and she provided some of the most valuable insights to our audience of 2.8K+ people. Natalie's ability to simplify AI into engaging content impressed our attendees so much, they collectively voted her as one of the best speakers at the event. Her professionalism and expertise make her a pro in the field, and I cannot wait to work with Natalie and GenEdge Consulting again!”
Kinga Kusak, Senior Content Marketing Manager at PlayPlay
"Natalie came in and really opened our eyes to what AI can do for our marketing at the University of Chicago. The session was clear, to the point, and super practical. Our team left not just understanding AI better, but felt they gained practical AI skills and are actually excited to start using it in our work. Natalie's knowledge in this area is solid, and the way she explains things just clicks. Definitely recommend if you're looking to get your team up to speed with AI in marketing."
Scott Winterroth, Assistant Director of Digital Marketing Innovation at the University of Chicago
"We brought in Natalie in advance of our largest campaign of the year and I've witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of her workshops and 1:1 support on my team and this work. The sessions, from foundational AI applications to advanced strategies, have empowered our team beyond expectations. The training's immediate applicability and alignment with our specific needs have enhanced our marketing strategies and allowed us to complete the campaign bill of materials in less time and at a lower cost than in previous years. Natalie's expertise has been invaluable, providing us with the tools and knowledge to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. I highly recommend this training to any marketing team looking to leverage AI effectively."

Meghan Attreed Halaszynski, VP of Corporate Marketing at Braze

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