GenEdge Consulting™ empowers marketing organizations to gain a competitive edge through generative AI. The company was founded by Natalie Lambert, an experienced marketing executive who recognized the potential of generative AI to transform the marketing industry. Natalie enables businesses to enhance their teams with the latest tools and practices, drawing on her extensive implementation of generative AI strategies across companies of all sizes.

GenEdge offers a range of services to assist marketing organizations in maximizing the benefits of generative AI. Team training and interactive workshops on generative AI tools and practices help your marketers create more personalized and compelling content; automate tasks; and enhance the efficiency and creativity of marketing campaigns. And custom engagements focus on accelerating the value of generative AI in your marketing strategy, including understanding its impact on hiring and agency plans. Put simply, GenEdge equips you with the power of generative AI for a competitive advantage.

For technology companies, GenEdge offers speaking engagements to amplify brand influence and fractional CMO services to provide you with strategic guidance and leadership.


Natalie Lambert

Natalie Lambert is a leader driving innovation in marketing through generative AI. She established GenEdge with a mission to help organizations of all sizes gain a competitive advantage by leveraging GenAI. Prior to founding GenEdge, Natalie was on the marketing leadership team at Google Cloud responsible for supercharging the organization with the power of AI. In this role, she developed strategies for integrating AI into the daily work of marketers, implemented the latest AI tools and techniques across various use cases, and worked directly with Google's AI teams to create custom models purpose-built for marketers, delivering significant returns on investment.

Prior to this role, she was responsible for Google Cloud's content strategy and storytelling. Before joining Google Cloud, she was the Chief Marketing Officer at Instart, an enterprise security company acquired by Akamai, and the CMO at Sapho, an enterprise productivity company acquired by Citrix. Previously, she spent seven years at Citrix where she held multiple product marketing leadership positions, including having responsibility for the company’s multi-product solutions, thought leadership efforts, and positioning of Citrix as a leader in digital workplace technologies. Natalie began her career at Forrester Research where she was a principal analyst covering end-user computing. In that role, she advised clients on technology investments and best practices surrounding the enterprise computing environment. Natalie has been widely quoted in the press, including outlets such as The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal, and has written for Wired, Forbes, and

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