Infographic: The highest performing marketers will be augmented with AI

Natalie Lambert

10/17/20232 min read

Marketers have an incredible opportunity to supercharge their work with AI. For the right use cases, AI will complete 80% of your work; for other use cases, it is a great partner that will make you better. It's great to see studies from the Harvard Business Review that quantify some of the benefits of AI.

The highest-performing marketers will be those augmented with AI. Don’t just take my word for it. . .5 stats from a recent Harvard Business Review study that every marketer must see:

1️⃣ Consultants using ChatGPT-4 completed 12.2% more tasks on average than their non-AI-using counterparts

2️⃣ Consultants using ChatGPT-4 completed tasks 25.1% more quickly than their non-AI-using counterparts

3️⃣ Consultants using ChatGPT-4 produced significantly higher quality results (more than 40%) than their non-AI-using counterparts

4️⃣ & 5️⃣ All skill levels benefited significantly from having AI augmentation, with those below the average performance threshold increasing by 43% and those above increasing by 17% compared to their own scores

My point of view: Marketers will not be replaced by AI . . . Marketers will be replaced by other marketers using AI.

Read the full report here.