Video: Audio-enable your marketing content with generative AI | SuperchargedByAI Ep.1

Learn how to audio-enable your content in ~2 minutes with generative AI. In this episode, we look at how ElevenLabs helps marketers generate audio content based on their written content in seconds. Host these .mp3 files on your blog, relevant landing pages, and next to other written content to engage visitors who are looking toward audio formats.

Natalie Lambert

11/13/20232 min read

Video transcript:

Hi, I'm Natalie from GenEdge Consulting, and today I want to show you how easy it is to audio-enable your content. In this video, I'm using ElevenLabs as I've been impressed with how easy it is to pick a natural-sounding voice from their voice library or record your own voice for use with your content. I also like that they have a free plan, as it allows you to test out the capabilities and determine where a solution like this fits into your marketing strategy.

I think marketing teams should consider solutions like this to support new content consumption patterns as we know people are listening to more and more audio content. (Side note not included in video: According to survey data from Edison Research, 75% of Americans ages 12 and older have listened to online audio in the past month - 70% have listened in the past week. These numbers are the highest these figures have been since 2002 when data was first tracked.)

Audio is also a great way to provide the visually impaired with more personalized access to your content.

Okay, so let's get started. When you go into ElevenLabs, you have the Voice Library. This is where you can listen to a sample of all of the various voices that they've pre-created and decide which ones you like and essentially favorite them and add them to your Voice Lab. In your Voice Lab, you have all of the pre-selected voices that you selected as well as a place to create a personalized cloned voice, which is to say that you can upload a five-minute video or audio file of yourself speaking, and it will create a cloned voice that becomes available for you to use in all of your content.

Finally, there is the Speech Synthesis. This is where you're actually pasting in the written content that you want to create the audio file for, and selecting all of the various settings. First you can choose the voice that you want to use. In this case, I'm using Natasha. But if you had uploaded your own voice it would be available here for you to select. You can also change some of the voice settings, although I don't recommend touching any of these until after you've created that very first file so that you can see what you like, and then decide which changes you want to make. And then finally you choose the model. I always choose the most up-to-date model. Now you paste the content that you want to create an audio file for, and it will simply create it in five to 10 minutes, maybe longer depending on how much content you have.

Natasha from ElevenLabs: GenEdge Consulting empowers marketing organizations to gain a competitive edge through generative AI. We offer a range of services to help marketing teams maximize the benefits of generative AI.

And that's it. Now you have your file, which you can very easily download as an .mp3 and make it available on your website.

Thanks so much for listening.