Empower your marketing team with AI training

Do you want to empower your marketing team to use AI efficiently, enhancing productivity and outcomes for your company?

Use the email below to bring awareness to your leadership team and gain their buy-in for a team workshop that keeps your skills up-to-date and your team at the forefront of the changes happening in marketing.

Your team will also receive a certification and LinkedIn badge to showcase their expertise and commitment to being at the forefront of marketing.


Send this email to your leadership team for review and consideration

Subject: Maximizing our team’s effectiveness with AI for marketing training

Dear [leader name],

I want to propose an opportunity for our marketing team to participate in an AI marketing training session with Natalie Lambert, Founder of GenEdge Consulting. The training offers a comprehensive overview of effective AI-driven marketing strategies and tools. It will also empower our team to use AI efficiently, enhancing productivity and outcomes for [Company].

Investment justification:
The investment ranges from $6,000 to $15,000, offering substantial benefits:

  • Cost savings: Using AI-driven strategies can significantly cut marketing expenses by automating tasks, refining content production, and minimizing agency costs, potentially accelerating market reach.

  • Increased productivity: Natalie estimates AI can save marketing teams roughly 20 hours monthly. For a team of 20, at an average rate of $100/hr, this translates to monthly savings of $40,000 and annual savings of $480,000.

  • Enhanced effectiveness: Incorporating AI improves content quality, boosts audience engagement, and elevates overall campaign performance.

Here is a link to other quantifiable ways GenEdge has helped other marketing teams like ours. I am confident that allocating our professional development funds to this training will significantly enhance our team's capabilities, directly contributing to [company]'s growth and success.

Why Natalie from GenEdge?
With experience leading AI implementation on Google’s marketing leadership team and working with a diverse set of marketing teams while at GenEdge, Natalie has developed strategies, selected tools, and integrated AI into the daily work of marketers. Her expertise ensures immediate ROI through the selection of appropriate use cases and the application of AI tools.

I would like to lead this project to enhance our marketing capabilities significantly and maintain our competitive edge.

Please let me know if you have questions or if you’d like me to arrange a detailed meeting with Natalie.

Best regards,
[Your name]

Please fill in the [blanks] and tailor this to your leadership team's priorities and communication style. You should also adjust the financial calculations in the productivity section to reflect the actual size of your marketing team.

What training participants have said

"Natalie led my team's AI for marketers education in which she combined pragmatic use cases, hands-on experimentation, and inspirational content to chart a new path for marketing of the future. Engage her for your organization to help you lead your team into a new, inspired, and productive future."

Katharyn White, Director of Public Sector Marketing at Google Cloud

"Natalie came in and really opened our eyes to what AI can do for our marketing at the University of Chicago. The session was clear, to the point, and super practical. Our team left not just understanding AI better, but felt they gained practical AI skills and are actually excited to start using it in our work. Natalie's knowledge in this area is solid, and the way she explains things just clicks. Definitely recommend if you're looking to get your team up to speed with AI in marketing."

Scott Winterroth, Assistant Director of Digital Marketing Innovation at the University of Chicago

"Prior to meeting Natalie from GenEdge, my team was overwhelmed by GenAI—some folks questioned its impact on our roles. From crafting prompts to streamlining workflows, we didn’t know how to get started. Natalie’s training showed us how to curate effective prompts, how to utilize tools for desired skills like video and social, and how GenAI can optimize our workflows freeing us from the constraints of rigid timelines and the need to rely heavily on external agencies. Natalie's insights redefined GenAI for me and the team—it's now our professional ally, not a replacement."

Katherine Bagood, Head of Marketing at Coder

"This was THE BEST piece of use case-specific AI-relevant education I've received this year. Thank you so much Natalie, I've taken notes, and am fully motivated to get this stuff working for us in APAC. Really, it was an incredibly valuable use of time and I'm grateful for your insights!!"

Workshop attendee, security technology company

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