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From marketing training and advisory to speaking engagements and fractional CMO services, our goal is to elevate marketing teams with generative AI.

AI for Marketing training

Provide your team with tangible use cases, strategies, hands-on experience, and best practices to give them the confidence to use AI to improve their effectiveness. They will also receive a certification to showcase their expertise and commitment to being at the forefront of marketing.

Clients see more than a 10x ROI on these sessions, with immediate impact coming from productivity increases and a decrease in agency spending.

Full-day workshop

Building on the 4-hour workshop, this session takes what we learned and provides an interactive set of hands-on activities to showcase how building the right prompt is essential to marketers' success. We also take our knowledge to start applying AI to current projects.

Remote or in-person session: Pricing starts at $14,400 + travel

4-hour workshop

This session covers everything in the 2-hour workshop and also provides demos of how to deliver results across your most important use case. Additionally, we dive into the anatomy of a prompt and how different prompts can deliver very different results.

Remote or in-person session: Pricing starts at $9,600 + travel

2-hour workshop

In this session, we cover marketing use cases that AI is best suited for as well as the tools that have success in other marketing organizations. We highlight actual results—the good, bad, and ugly—of marketing programs that leveraged AI to enable your teams to start pilot programs today.

Remote session: Pricing starts at $6,000

Custom training

This customized training focuses on use cases essential to your organization. We begin by meeting with stakeholders to understand the requirements around this use case, such as brand and legal guidelines. We then provide tool suggestions and build hands-on training sessions that include best practices and prompt guides. This ensures participants can immediately apply the knowledge gained to ongoing and upcoming projects.

Remote or in-person sessions: Pricing starts at $8,000 per use case + travel

GenEdge Consulting's AI for Marketing certification badge for Level 1
GenEdge Consulting's AI for Marketing certification badge for Level 1
GenEdge Consulting's AI for Marketing certification badge for Level 2
GenEdge Consulting's AI for Marketing certification badge for Level 2
GenEdge Consulting's AI for Marketing certification badge for Level 3
GenEdge Consulting's AI for Marketing certification badge for Level 3
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AI advisory services

We provide custom advisory services that focus on how your organization can get the most value from AI.

For startups

Before your first marketing hire, learn how GenAI reshapes the roles of marketers. We help design and build your marketing team to prioritize your top business objectives while taking advantage of the best human and AI capabilities.

For marketing teams

GenAI is reshaping the marketing landscape. Do you know how to adapt to this paradigm shift? Let us help you reimagine your marketing team, enhance their skills, and drive overall marketing effectiveness with the use of AI.

For investors

Before you invest in AI MarTech, talk with us about the use cases in which AI has the most impact, the challenges organizations have implementing AI, and what they are looking for in technology that is not addressed with current solutions.

Content marketing solutions

Enhance your brand's digital presence and extend the reach and impact of your content across multiple form factors and channels. Our derivative content solutions help scale your content marketing efforts at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional content marketing agencies.

Content creation as-a-service

Provide your hero assets and we transform them into a set of derivative materials that will amplify your message. We build and use custom AI models, based on your organization's brand voice and unique style, to create social media posts, blogs, landing pages, call scripts, nurture emails, audio content, video cut-downs, and more to engage and convert your audience.

Subscription-based services: Pricing starts at $3,000/month + initial set-up fee for each author

Custom GPTs for DIY content creation

We develop and maintain custom GPTs tailored to the specific needs of your team's content creators. These models are designed to simplify derivative content creation and scale it to new channels. With unique GPTs for each content type, authors can quickly build materials that accurately mimic their tone, maintain brand integrity, and ensure consistency across all generated content.

GPT-based pricing: Pricing starts at $2,000 for initial setup of each GPT, plus a monthly maintenance fee

Speaking engagements

Virtual event

Online webinar: Pricing starts at $6,000

In-person speech

In-person event: Pricing starts at $10,000 + travel

Elevate your brand and reach new audiences with an industry thought leader and AI practitioner as your next event speaker. Natalie is a sought-after AI influencer and speaker, with a proven track record of engaging audiences and driving interest in AI solutions. Work with Natalie to develop a custom event program that is tailored to your target audience.

Fractional CMO

Grow your tech company faster with fractional CMO services from a Google veteran and startup CMO. Natalie will help you develop and execute a winning marketing strategy, solve problems quickly, lead your team, and hire for long-term success.

Retainer-based services: Pricing starts at $5,000/month